Saturday, January 16, 2010

Am I shining?

On Friday, I had a busy day. I started out to my chiropractor's office, and learned I had a low tire. I stopped my Roselle Tire and Auto for them to check it. After filling it with air and waiting for a time, it was decided it would last for a few days. (I may have a slow rim leak). Due to the flat, I changed my appointment time to later in the afternoon. On the way to Dr. Moore's I stopped and did some grocery shopping. On the way home from Dr. Moore's I decide to treat myself to a Fajita Bowl. I love their chips, but just didn't think I should spend the money. But as I was leaving the clerk smiled at me, and added a bag of chips to my bag.."you were kind". How cool is that??!!

I love it when God gives me special treats!

On the way home I was thinking.. what if I had been upset or angry because the day didn't go as I HAD PLANNED? What if I was mad for having to change my schedule or because my pain level was high? Oh, there were many reason which I could have used to be unkind to others.... but that isn't demonstrating God's love.

I have no "right" to be rude, angry, mean or any other feeling you can think of.. to anyone, just because of the way I FEEL or the way I WAS TREATED, or because of WHAT HAPPENED to ME... I have no right at all.... because it's not to be about ME....rather it's to be about GOD. We are to be showing others we are different. There is to be something about us that makes others say, she's different, or she's kind.

We are to be different,
because GOD dwells within us. 
We are to show HIM to those around us.

I can return to that store to buy another Fajita Bowl, and when I do, I'll smile, not asking for more chips.. but because I want the opportunity to say "God loves you!". You see, I made an impression on those people, and from their response, it was positive. Everywhere we go, people are watching us. We make impressions on people... are we showing a positive or negative picture?

Creating a positive day isn't just about making my day better. Rather, it's about being able to share God's love with those I have contact. And when I remember that people are seeing God through me... I have a responsibility to allow Him to shine brightly through me.

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