Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etched in Stone

I'm a researcher and planner. I can't make any decision without doing research and more research and even more research, just in case I missed something in the first few searches. I like all the facts.....then I think it all through and make my decision.

Once I make the decision, I'm 120% all go. Being a goal oriented person, I like knowing where I'm going and having a plan on how to get there. However, God has taught me over the years, that walking by faith means that I don't have to always know everything.
And if my plans are's okay.
It's good to research and plan, as long as I remain sensitive to God's leading. I can't allow my goals and plans to be etched in stone, and not allow God to change them so that I can accomplish His will. Being soft and pliable is vital to God directing me. How does a person like me, who likes to have it all planned out, remain soft and pliable? By keeping my focus on God.

To stay on the right track, I have to check in with God each and every day. I also am thankful for friends who help keep me in check. If I am not sure of how to proceed, I stop and take inventory. Then after talking with God and some godly friends, I move forward.

There are times, when I go in the wrong direction. And I'm so very thankful that God uses those detours to teach me and then directs me back to the right track. After a few detours, you'd think I'd learn... but being human.. I do take wrong turns. God graciously continues to work with me.

I will still research things and make plans... that's part of who I am.
However, I need to remember that my plans however good they may be, aren't necessarily etched in stone.

Creating a positive day is easy when I allow God to direct my steps. When I'm soft and pliable in His hands, He can lead me in the direction I should go. When I'm walking with God, He has a way of making each day great. A positive day is not based upon my pain level, but rather knowing that God is in control!

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