Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why would I doubt? (James)

For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. James 1:7

For: indeed (a conjunc. used to express cause, explanation, or continuation); take note of what came before (James 1:6)
Not: where one is bidden to cease from something already begun, or repeated, or continued
Think: suppose, imagine
Receive: to gain, get, obtain, to get hold of
Anything: some or any object
From: the side or the vicinity of one, or from one's sphere of power, or from one's wealth or store
Lord: a person exercising absolute ownership rights; denotes an owner (master) exercising full rights 

Why would I ask something of God, knowing that He has FULL OWNERSHIP of everything, only to doubt that He could supply? (James 1:6- Seasick). Asking in faith, doesn't mean that God will automatically give me everything I ask for— rather it means that I will trust God to supply what's BEST for me. 

And remember what James is discussing here, it's not our "wants" in general. Rather, the emphasis is on WISDOM! We are asking God for wisdom, "the art of USING wisdom", so that we can live a godly life that honors and brings glory to Him. 

God is the only source of true wisdom. And if we want wisdom, all we need to do is ask God believing that we will receive wisdom. But often we become "seasick" as we don't trust God to give us what we asked. 
👉👉👉 Perhaps we don't care for the answer wisdom offers. We'd rather go it on our own—since we know better — (we may think that, but NO, we don't). 
👉👉👉 Perhaps we don't really want wisdom, as we know that we would have to change our attitude, actions, and thoughts. 
👉👉👉 Perhaps we don't really want wisdom, for if we USE wisdom, we may have to make lifestyle changes. 

So, if I want to put into practice the art of using wisdom, I need to ask God believing that He will give it to me — knowing that He is fully capable of doing so, as God is the source of wisdom. 

Why would I doubt knowing that I'd receive nothing? Ask in full confidence knowing that God is the source and will give wisdom—and be ready to put that wisdom to good use!

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