Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thanks Living: Delays

Here are some of the events that happened the past few days. 

June 23
Thanks Living
Often delays can be very frustrating. Today, my day was full of delays. But looking back, I'm so VERY thankful for each one. 

I left for my chiropractic appointment, and got stuck behind a Landscape Truck until about 2 miles from my chiro. Slow going. 
I still arrived at my Chiropractor in time, just not early. 
After my appointment, my Dr wanted to show me something. Didn't take long, but it was a Delay. 

Then went to get my hair cut. After she was done cutting, she asked if I'd like that back cut a little different. Sure, why not. So, she spent the time to recut it. Another Delay. 

Then I headed to my next stop. But as I was nearing a Thrift Store, I found myself pulling in the parking lot. Not sure why I did, but since I did, I went in and looked around. I did find two pairs of dress pants. Total spent $6.42. As I was getting into the Chariot, a lady parked next to remarked about it. She too was driving an Escape. We laughed. Another Delay. 

Back on the road again. I noticed flashing lights on the side of the road up ahead. As I approached the intersection, I saw the semi on it's side. As I sat in traffic, I thanked God for the Delays. Then I saw the Troopers scramble, and short time later, sirens... there had been another accident in the same intersection. 
After a time, I was allowed to slowly go through the intersection and I was on my way. 


So very thankful for delays today. None were very long, or irritating. Just delays. Yet, each delay added a few more minutes which protected me from being in the intersection during the time the accidents took place. 

I hope I remember the next time I'm delayed that perhaps God is delaying me for a very, very good reason.

Picture of the car accident at the Intersection. 

June 24
Thanks Living 
No injuries. No damage done to the garage or Castle.
Today, I was backing out of the garage, and the lift gate hit the top of the garage. Note to self: Close the lift gate before leaving. 

So thankful that although the Chariot is bumperless, right now, it's still drivable. All the lights work, doors shut and lock. It's just missing the lift gate bumper. 
This was not on my agenda today. But thankful that God has taken care of the details so far. Called my Insurance Company, placed the claim, and called Sorensen Schade Chevrolet Body Shop (they already had the claim info). This afternoon, I'll take it to the body shop for them to assess the damage and start the process of fixing it. 
Thanks Living. Thankful that today's accident was minor. Thankful that all the things are falling into place for the Chariot to be repaired.
Chariot's missing lift gate bumper. 
June 25
Thanks Living 
I was talking with God about the Chariot mishap yesterday. Frustrating to know that a mistake will cost me money. But I had to look back at what happened the day before—the delays. 
I couldn't help but wonder if God used the Chariot lift gate incident to delay us for a "very, very good reason". I said that I hoped I'd remember when I'm delayed God has reasons. 

No matter the "whys" I'm very thankful that it was a minor incident. The Castle remains structurally sound, as there was no damage done to the garage door or entry way. The only damage was that one piece on the lift gate. 
Thanks Living
Remembering that no matter the "why", God in His goodness continues to take care of this princess, His Castle and Chariot. 
Remembering that no matter the "why", God has reasons for allowing things to happen. And I have to be content realizing I may never know the "why". 
Remembering that no matter the "why", God had His hand of protection on each of us and there were no injuries. 
Remembering that no matter the "why", God will take care of all the details in getting the lift gate fixed. 

Thanks Living
Remembering that God is God and He loves this princess!

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