Monday, March 28, 2016

Thanks Living: God's Perfect Timing

Thanks Living. 

I was just thinking back over the past few weeks about some of the blessings and I saw, once again, the truth about God's perfect timing. 

Back up several weeks ago, when I had the gate and fence replaced. What was to be a team effort, ended up with me paying for the entire job. That change of plans, delayed me in the next project which was buying screens for the lanai doors. 

Then I received a notice that it was time for my yearly termite inspection. Since the year wasn't actually up until April, 18, I figured it could wait a few more weeks. When I called to schedule the appointment, they said there was one available on March 25th. Ok, that would work, even though I was thinking in another week or two. 

This past week turned into a busy one for me, and a few times I started to call to reschedule the inspection, but each time, God interrupted me.

On Friday, the BugMan told me that I had some things in my attic—Surprise to me! And among those things were screen doors. 
On Easter Sunday, a friend and my brother, GRACIOUSLY got the screens out of the attic and worked VERY HARD to get them back in working shape and installed. 

I love how God made sure that I did not buy new screens, and the He let me know that screens were there, and even provided the help to install them. God's timing is perfect. 

Thanks Living. Thanking God for the blessing of His perfect timing, and the willingness of friends and family who go above and beyond to help me. 
God continues to take care of His Castle!

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