Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanks Living: Fact. Experience.

There is a difference between knowledge and experience. Knowing a fact is a good place to start, but there is something said for experiencing something. Knowing that God CAN do something is a great assurance, but EXPERIENCING God DOING something on your behalf is a blessing that exceeds explanation. (R.Sawtelle) 
Today, my Sunday School lesson is on "When faith fails. . ." from Numbers 13 and 14. As I was thinking about my life and the times when I faced situations that seemed totally impossible—and God proved Himself faithful. 

So many times, when I thought there was absolutely no possible way something could happen—God stepped in to prove, what was impossible to me, was very possible to Him. 

Remember. It's key to take time to remember what God has done, so that as new situations arise, we KNOW based on fact and experience, that God is fully able to accomplish His purpose. 

Fact. God is faithful. 
Experience. God is faithful. 
Thanks living is remembering who God is and what He is capable of—no matter the situation. 

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