Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thanks Living: Memories

Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. Psalm 30:4
Remembrance: to mark (so as to be recognized), to remember; by implication, to mention; memorial, memory
Holy name: sanctity -- consecrated, dedicated, hallowed, holiness

There are some memories that make me smile, and some make me laugh out loud—literally! And yes, some memories make me sad and cry. Memories evoke emotion. 

When I remember God's holiness, I am to filled with thankfulness. The question is, "Am I?" 
When I remember God's holiness, what emotion does it evoke? Am I filled with wonder and awe? Am I filled with terrifying fear? Am I filled with regret? Am I filled with apathy? 

Give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. Give thanks. Take time to realize who God is and that He personally loves and cares for me! Take time to remember that God, the Creator of all, created me in my mother's womb, and knows EVERYTHING about me—and loves me. 

Give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. Remember. 
I have to say that as I get older, I find myself forgetting things. I have good intentions on remembering, but I forget. However, there are some things which I remember — it's like there is a NEON sign flashing in my mind. I can't forget. God's holiness, should be one of those "I can't forget memories". 

Remember. Long-lasting Memory. 
If I want God's holiness to be a long-lasting memory, that I need to make it important in my life. I need to make sure that each and everything I remember God's holy name, I give thanks! 

Thanks Living is making an conscious decision to remember God's holy name and give thanks! Thanks Living is making sure God's holy name is memorable and important in my life. 

Memories. God's holy name should be a very precious memory. 

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