Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thanks Living: Anticipation—FaceTime

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. Psalm 95:2
Let us come: to anticipate, hasten, meet
Before His presence: face to face
Thanksgiving: thanksgiving in songs of liturgical worship
Joyful noise: shout with religious impulse; in public worship with music and sacrifice, with/to God
Psalms: song in praise of God

Anticipate: to think, speak, act, or feel an emotional response in advance; wait with expectation; eagerness, enthusiasm, longing

Can't wait! 
There are many things which we get excited for—the longing, anticipation creates an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement! It can't get here fast enough! 

Perhaps it's a specific day that are anticipating. For some it might be their wedding day. Others a special birthday or anniversary. I know some who are waiting for their Adoption Match day and then the "Gotta Day" as they wait to create forever family. 

As I have been thinking about "anticipation" as how it relates to entering the very presence of God, several things have come to mind. 

1. I should be filled with joy at the very thought of entering God's presence. 
2. I should want to be filled, no make that bursting, with thanksgiving to and for God. 
3 I should be praising God with a loud voice in private and public. 
4. I should...... but what hinders me from the excitement of anticipation of having "FaceTime" with God? 

Number 4 can sure put out the fire of anticipation. What hinders me? Why am I not excited and bursting with joy at the thought of spending time "FaceTime" with God Almighty? One answer sums it all up: sin. 

Sin puts out the fire of anticipate quicker than anything. Because how can I enter the presence of a holy God, when I have not confessed the sin in my life? He is willing to forgive the sin because of His grace and mercy—but I must confess and acknowledge the sin and repent. 

Anticipation is a wonderful and exciting time. And spending "FaceTime" with God is beyond anything I can anticipate! 
Thanks Living is about making sure that the anticipation of "FaceTime" with God remains. And for that tot be true, I must confess my sin and acknowledge it before God Almighty. Once I am forgiven, the overwhelming joy of thanking and praising God face to face will be real once again! 

Are you filled with anticipation thinking about "FaceTime" with God? 

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