Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today's going to be a 10!

Each morning, I decide how much of my pain medication I'm going to take. Some days I take less, and there are some days I take the full amount allowed. Today was an almost all day... it's a 10 ml day. As I was cleaning out the measuring spoon, I laughed... "Today's a 10!" 

When we think of the number "10", we usually associate that with being great, top-notch, the best of the best. Yet, taking more of the medications, means a higher than normal pain day. So, what if the pain is high today.... can't the day still be a "10"? 

I think it goes back to perspective. I can focus on the pain being so bad that I need "10", or I can focus on the idea that no matter my pain, today will be a "10". It can still be a top-notch day even if my pain is high. 

In order for me to make this day a "10", I need to make sure my focus is not on "poor me", "why me" or even the pain itself. I need to focus on the wonderful things God is doing around me and through me. 

For example, as I was looking outside my sliding door this morning, I saw the moon. Just a sliver was lit, but I could see the faded outline of the entire moon. God used that image to remind me that pain is just a very small sliver of me, and that God has much more in store for me and my life than just the small sliver of pain. I see only a very small aspect of my life. I have no idea all that God has planned, or what He will do through me. 
A gentleman as church a few weeks ago, said this to me. "You are a blessing to so many. You have no idea the ones that you've reached by your example of what God is doing in your life." I thanked him for that perspective. For I only see the small sliver and often forget the "full-moon" of my life. 

So, today will be a "10 day".... the best of the best, a top-notch day.... if I remember to keep my focus on God and what He is doing, rather than me and my pain. 

To create a positive 10-day, I need to remember that God is in control and He is greater than my pain. His plan, although I don't always understand, is one that is the best of the best to bring glory to Him. 

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