Thursday, August 28, 2014

Special Assignment

 "I, Paul, have been sent on special assignment by Christ as part of God’s master plan." Colossians 1:1 (MSG)

"From Paul, an ·apostle [messenger] of Christ Jesus. ·I am an apostle because that is what God wanted […by the will of God]."  Colossians 1:1 (EXB)

Special assignment by Christ. Because that is what God wanted. His will. 
I like that concept... special assignment! Makes me think back to that old TV show, "Mission Impossible". They'd get an special assignment:

"Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to ............ . As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. "

Christ has a special assignment for me and if I decide to accept it, unlike on "Mission Impossible", Christ will not "disavow any knowledge of me or my actions." I do like that God chose a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT for Paul, and yes, for me too. 

So, as I go about my day, I need to remember that I'm on a "special assignment" from God. And if I fulfill my "special assignment, then the day will be a positive day! 

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