Sunday, March 10, 2013

Always Remember!

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 111. Here is what I learned.

He has made his miracles unforgettable. The Lord is merciful and compassionate. Psalm 111:4 (GW)

His miracles are his memorial—This God of Grace, this God of Love. Psalm 111:4 (MSG)

He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: Jehovah is gracious and merciful. Psalm 111:4 (ASV)

For wonderful indeed are all his works,

Pleasant to know and worthiest to be all
Had in remembrance always with delight. John Milton
To be remembered - literally, "Memory hath he made for his wonderful works." "They" are so made, that man may remember them; the memory of man, also, is so made, that it may retain them. The highest and most appropriate exercise of memory is to retain the lessons which the works of God inculcate; to treasure up for gratitude and for use what he teaches his intelligent creation through those works. Barnes' Notes on the Bible

“I’ll always remember.” 
Damaris Carbaugh,  "No Apology" CD(Words & Music by Scott V. Smith 2000 Discovery House Music)

I’ll always remember God’s goodness and mercy to me;
I’ll always remember I once was a slave, not I’m free.
I owed a great debt, I could not pay the price,
So He opened His heart and He laid down His life
How could I ever forget?
I’ll always remember. 

I’ll always remember He has never, never, ever left me alone;
I’ll always remember that He’s never let me face a battle on my own.
Though ten thousand would fall to my left, to my right, 
My enemies fled from His power and might
How could I ever forget?
I’ll always remember. 

Always remember, no never forget
His sweet mercy, His goodness
Oh, He is so marvelous
Always remember, no never forget;
Oh, His wonderful works, He is so marvelous! 

I’ll always remember that He’s been my shelter in the storm;
I’ll always remember how He covered me and kept me from harm.
Though trouble had come, put my faith to the test, 
When I called on His name, He took care of the rest
How could I ever forget? (Chorus) 

I’ll always remember, I was guilty and worthy of blame, 
But my sin is no longer remembered for the sake of His Son, God forgave;
My sins are as far as the east from the west, 
They lay deep in the sea of God’s forgetfulness;
How could I ever forget?
I’ll always remember. Remember. 

What am I remembering? Our memories are triggered by sights, smells, words, touches, etc. And we take special effort to remember those events, dates, people, that are important to us. All the wonderful things that God has done for me, should be remembered and celebrated! 

The more I talk about what God is doing, the more I will remember what He has done, and worship Him for His greatness. And the more that I remember God’s marvelous works, the more positive a day I create. 

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