Sunday, November 18, 2012

"I See You" (by Bryan Duncan)

Singer and song writer Bryan Duncan has a new CD out, "Conversations". One of the songs is titled, "I See You". 

"I see you watching over me every day another way 
That I can see your love 
I see you lookin out for me all I wanna do is 
Thank you thank you" (Bryan Duncan, "I See You")
Written by: Bryan Duncan/Slam Duncan Music (ASCAP) and John
Schreiner/John Andrew Schreiner Music (ASCAP)

Last night, I could shout, "I SEE YOU!". Once again God provided a need in a very detailed and creative way. 

I needed to go to the grocery store to get some food. I looked at my cash, $10. Then I saw my "Change Bank". That's where I put all my change when I'm done shopping. I counted out what was there, and that gave me just over $11 more. Yeah! Got to the store and got the items needed. Yes, I was that lady in line counting out nickels, dimes, and pennies. I was very thankful that I had enough money to get what I needed.

Down to my last few nickels and dimes... literally... I was wondering what I could do to "get by" until my disability check was deposited. Well, God had a plan in place! 

To look at the details, we need to go back to October 16, 2010!

In October 2010, God provided a new grill and accessories, which was too much/big for me. So I "exchanged" the  grill package with friends for a smaller electric grill. (You can read all the details about how God Multiplied His Blessing here: What I didn't know is that God wasn't done with His "multiplying" of that contest win.

Part of that contest win included a Deep Fryer. I had passed that along to my friends when we did the "grill exchange". But they didn't want it, so they were going to sell it at a garage sale. I figured they had sold it, and thought no more about it. 

Last night, I was with my friend, and she said she had a surprise for me. They finally sold the fryer and the guy was coming THAT NIGHT to pick it up and pay for it... and they were giving me the money. WOW! 

My friends had tried to sell the fryer several times, but no buyers. But, God tucked away the fryer until a time when He knew I'd needed the money. God's attention to details and His timing is ALWAYS perfect!

So last night I was SHOUTING

"I see you watching over me every day another way 
That I can see your love 
I see you lookin out for me all I wanna do is 
Thank you thank you" (Bryan Duncan, "I See You")
Written by: Bryan Duncan/Slam Duncan Music (ASCAP) and John
Schreiner/John Andrew Schreiner Music (ASCAP)
I continue to be amazed and in awe of God's creative and very detailed plan to care for me. I'm also grateful for my friends who continued to work over the past two years to sell the fryer, and made the choice to give me the money. My friends were willing to be "used by God" to supply my need. Very grateful for the wonderful friends God has given me.

How can I NOT create a positive day,
when I know that God is watching over me every day?
To learn more about Bryan Duncan's music and books, visit his website:

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