Saturday, May 28, 2011


It has been a while since I wrote on my blog. I thought I'd take time to update you on what has been happening. 

I continue with my Vegan, gluten-free diet. It's challenging at times, but I continue to find new items at various stores to keep menus interesting and nutritious.

My chiropractor found some supplements to help with the muscle spasms and headaches. My pain level remains high, and I continue to discuss options with my doctors. It may be that I'll have to go back on some type of medication to lower the pain.
The spinal stimulator is "just an implant" at this point. Due to the battery (IPG) issues and the wiring shorts the stimulator can't be used. My pain management doctor and I have discussed what would need to be done to correct the problems. The only solution is to remove the entire stimulator (paddle, wiring, and IPG) and insert another one. At this point, I'm not ready to go through that surgery. That's not to say, I'll have the surgery in the future. I do miss the stimulator as it did help with the leg pain.

In some of my past posts I mentioned my sister and her battle with cancer. The Lord Jesus Christ called her home to Heaven on April 13, 2011. God gave us almost 4 years with Lori, after her first diagnosis. We all miss Lori very much. However, we know that she is worshiping and praising our Heavenly Father and is now living pain free. 

Max, my parakeet, has learned a new word. I have no idea what it means or where he picked it up. But he likes the sound of it, because he says it constantly! His new word is "burpy". He mixes it with "happy", "pretty", "bird" and all his other sounds. It sounds that makes me laugh. 

God continues to supply my needs
(and some wants) in amazing ways.
Here are a few from the past few weeks. 

It was time to buy a new printer. I use my printer to make digital scrapbook cards and print projects for my friends. My old printer served me well and was OVERUSED! God provided a wonderful printer by way of a sale ($100 less!), a discount for trading in my old printer ($50). The new printer is amazing and allows me to even print larger images which will help with my friends' projects. 

I was having a "high pain" day and needed to run some errands. I figured I'd start out and see what I could accomplish and see what special blessings God had for me. God had some amazing surprises waiting for me! One of my Soldiers (adopted through requested some gummies candy. I found some large bags on sale! Having some extra time after some errands, before my chiro appt, I stopped for lunch. And they gave a FREE lunch! That was an awesome surprise—and was YUMMMY! My last errand was grocery shopping. Not only did God have some special deals for me, but He supplied some new organic frozen veggies.

One of my Soldiers requested books, magazines, and CDs. I stopped by "Half-Price Books" to see what I could find. And once again God had another surprise for me—they are having an additional 20% off sale!

Even though my pain level
remained high, my PRAISE level was HIGHER! 

It's always fun to find God's special blessing "hiding" for me as I go about my day. Those special blessings are great reminders that God loves me and cares greatly for me. He knows all the details of my life—including the pain level and needs and yes, even the wants.

Just the thought
that God, the Creator of all,
knows all the details of my life
makes each day positive!

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