Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays. Do we have to dread them?

Today is MONDAY. 
This morning I am doing laundry. As I was waiting by the elevator (the laundry room is on the 4th floor), a neighbor joined me. She was heading to work, and was late.... again! Then she went on to tell me that she is ALWAYS late on Mondays. She just can't get going on Mondays, because she doesn't like them... period!

Why are Monday's so hard? There is even a song, "rainy days and Monday's always get me down". I remember when I was able to work, it always seemed like it was harder to get moving on a Monday. I was never sure if I had too much fun on the weekends, or if it was the thought of going to work and the week ahead. Whatever, Monday's seem to bring a source of dread.

How can we dread a day,
when it hasn't even started? 
It's all because of our mindset! 
We've been conditioned to dread Monday's so.... we do! We think of Monday's as a punishment: back to work after having fun all weekend. But Monday's aren't really bad. In fact many good things happen...each day INCLUDING on Mondays! 

I think we should start calling the day after Sunday, MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!, or MARVELOUS MONDAY! Why not? If our mindset can make us dread the day, then let's change our mindset to look forward to the day! 

So far today, my Monday has been GREAT. I got up and took my shower, took my last "weaning off pill", am doing laundry, and will get to see my chiropractor later today. Max is sitting on my shoulder singing and saying "happy" and "pretty bird".  I'm sure that as the day continues, I'll enjoy some blessings too!

to Create a POSITIVE DAY...
... on a MONDAY! 
It's all a matter of your mindset! So, will your Monday be Marvelous or Magnificent? (A dreadful Monday is simply NOT a choice!)

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