Monday, July 19, 2010

Grilling! Yum!

A few weeks ago, God gave me a small grill. It's the perfect size for me. The first time I grilled it was steak. On Saturday, although I didn't feel like grilling, it helped me ignore the pain and provided some yummy food! This time, I grilled onions, ground turkey burgers and the buns. A few extra so that I can enjoy grilled burgers without all the work of grilling.

There are steps necessary to grill. First I have to clean out the old ashes, then add the new coals, set the grates. I also set up some chairs to keep the birds away from the hot grill. For safety, I fill a pitcher with cold water, just in case the fire gets too big. Then I get all the food ready and light the coals. Wait for the fire to die down, add the food, wait, and ENJOY! 

Just as there are steps to grilling, there are steps to living a positive life. The first and foremost is a relationship with God. He is the one who not only supplies eternal life, but also gives grace to live each day. Another step is to keep your focus positive. If you focus on "all the bad things" it will drag you down. Yes, there are bad things that happen, however, there are many good things too! Another step is to share the blessings with others. That way you remember the blessings and others can rejoice with you. And lastly, take time to thank God for the great things He does for you, including loving you with an unconditional love.

If you feel overwhelmed,  one way to create a positive day is to do something special, (in spite of the pain). Yes, grilling did increase my pain, but I sure enjoy the "reward" of the yummy food afterward.

Here are some pictures from the latest grilling episode.
(View left to right then down)

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