Sunday, October 18, 2009

9 Years of Blessings!

In October 2000, I injured my back. That day changed my life. And even though I now live in chronic pain, I have also been granted many blessings. Each day I do my best to be aware of my blessings. And then each year on the anniversary of my injury, I enjoy a special Blessings Celebration. And believe me there are many blessings to celebrate! When I stop and notice the blessings and take the time to be grateful for what I have, I am overwhelmed at God's goodness. God is so creative in how he cares for me, and He is just as creative in sending blessings. But I do have to be aware of the blessings and take notice. I often wonder, how many of God's blessings have I missed because I was too busy focusing on the pain. Even if I miss some blessings, I am very grateful for the ones I do notice. The more I look for blessings, the more I seem to find! They multiply!!
Each year on the weekend of my anniversary, I try to do something which I don't normally do, just to make the day special. It doesn't really matter what I do, the object is to celebrate all the positive. The more I focus on the positive, the more positive I's a cycle which is one that continues to grow.

I challenge you to pick a date and celebrate the positive in your life. You can do anything you want to make the celebration special for you. How you celebrate doesn't really matter—it's that you celebrate! You can invite others to join you, or make it a private celebration. If you do celebrate, let me know! I always enjoy hearing how others celebrate the positive in their life.

Creating a positive day deserves a special yearly celebration!

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