Sunday, August 2, 2009


Perspective. It truly effects how we see things and respond to them. If my perspective is inward and all about me, my problems and situation become overwhelming. When I see everything else through "me" my perspective is warped. My sight is limited and clouded by my judgment and thoughts.

If I change my perspective to see things from another person's, things look very different. Often my situation seems small in comparison. That doesn't mean my situation is less significant, rather I see it through new eyes.

Another thing about perspective. The more I look inward and the focus is on me, I miss so many opportunities to encourage someone else. If all I do is look at my situation and problems, they will continue to grow. However, by looking at another person's life and situation, I can give encouragement and support. Personally, I'd rather give encouragement and support, than wallow in my own self-pity and problems.

Change your perspective and create a positive day for yourself and someone else! The change is well worth it,—but then again it's all a matter of perspective!

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