Thursday, July 23, 2009

Details by God's Design!

Yesterday I was to see my Pain Management Doctor. I was moving slow in the morning. I was to be in the shower around 8:15, but just couldn't move. At 8:20 the phone rang. It was my doctor's office. The doctor had an emergency and they needed to cancel my appointment. They knew I needed my meds and wanted to figure out how I could get my prescription. If I was in the shower I wouldn't have been able to discuss what I needed. Sometimes moving slow can be designed by God! :>)

Have you noticed the ways God worked the details in your life?

I'll share another example: A few years ago, I was heading out to my physical therapy. I got to my car, got in and started the motor. As I looked around to back out, my car was SURROUNDED by geese! They wouldn't move. I tired honking the horn, gunning the engine. They just stood there. I was trapped in my car. Then the geese just walked away. It was the strangest thing. I left for my PT appointment....on the way, I came upon an accident. It had just happened. If those geese hadn't surrounded my car, I would have been at that intersection at the moment of the accident. God knew that with my pain, I couldn't handle more; so, He used geese to keep me from leaving!!!! He's so creative!!!

God works in the details. Whether it's geese to keep me from leaving, or just making me have a 'slow day' so I wouldn't miss a phone call. Now your turn. Tell me about the times God showed Himself in the details of your life! Let's celebrate His goodness together!

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Praising God for His goodness is a great way to create a positive day!

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