Friday, December 30, 2016


Thanks Living! 

I was reading Psalm 150 this morning. "Praise the Lord." 
The word "praise" means to celebrate joyously, exuberantly, "foolishly". In other words, "over the top" celebration!  

Sadly, many times my praise is often quiet and subdued. But if I truly think about who  God is, and all that He has done, I should be SHOUTING praise! 

I shout at sporting events... I even shout at the TV when my team scores a touchdown. But I can't shout praise to God Almighty? Perhaps, it's because I haven't taken the same interest in God as my sports teams. 

Praise. If I want to focus on Thanks Living through this coming year, it begins with praise to God Almighty. Praise for who He is, and then praise for what He's done. For only when I have a heart filled with praise, can I truly have a gracious and thankful heart- and mind- set. 

Thanks Living! "Praise the Lord! Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to His excellent greatness!" Psalm 150:1a, 2. 

Thanks Living! 

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