Friday, December 9, 2016

Impossible Requests

Have you ever thought of the impossible requests God made of individuals?
I was thinking this morning of some of the "Impossible" requests, the responses to those requests by the individuals, and the reactions by others, the relationship between God and the person, and the amazing things God accomplished when people acted in faith to obediently fulfill His requests.

Noah. He was told to build a enormous boat - that took "forever" to build because God would flood the earth.
Joseph. Not sure he fully understood all that God requested of him, but he remained faithful through all the struggles. And God put him in the exact place and gave him the authority necessary to help his family.
Moses. He was told to lead the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promise Land. Not only did he have to face Pharaoh many times, he had to deal with all the complaining and hardships along the way.
Joshua and Caleb. They were excited to conquer the giants, but others were not. Then Joshua took over the leading of the people. And I love that Caleb, even in his old age, claimed the mountain that God had promised him.
Daniel. So much was requested of him and he remained faithful.

Those are just a few examples. As I was thinking about the requests, the obedience and all that God accomplished through individuals — I wonder..... how would my account, of obedience to what God has requested me to do, read?

Something to think about, and pray about..........

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