Friday, July 22, 2016

Thanks Living. Is it harder somedays?

Thanks Living.
Is it really harder to give thanks some days than others? Or do we just find it harder because we are focused on the 'bad'. 
This morning, a headache woke me up. That doesn't happen very often, for usually it's the back/leg pain that awakens me. However, on occasion, the headache screams louder than the back pain. That was the case this morning. 

As I got up, it was not a hard choice to reach for the headache medicine instead of the pain medicine. As I think about my agenda today, I did not include this level of headache pain. I know.... that's lack of planning on my part. 
But as I was thinking about Thanks Living, I almost started to write, "somedays it's much harder to be thankful." But then I stopped. Is it really? There are many things that have been constant which I give thanks for on a daily basis. Yet, why would I allow a headache to change my focus to unthankfulness? 
Thanks Living. There are some days where gratitude and thankfulness are not my focus. And that is NOT because of lack of things for which to be thankful. Rather, it's because I CHOOSE not to be thankful. WOW. That's just sad. 
Thanks Living. I need to remember that "in all things give thanks". I need to remember that Thanks Living is not based upon how I feel, or the circumstances I find myself. Thanks Living is a mindset.... no make that a heartset. Thanks Living is based on the fact that God loves me and each day His mercies are new. Thanks Living is based on the fact that God cares for me and is concerned about all the details in my life. Thanks Living is a CHOICE! 
So, it doesn't matter that my headache level is at screaming mode. It doesn't matter. The only thing that really matters, is that God is still in control and His love for me is unconditional. The only thing that matters is that I choose to be thankful. 
Today, I'm making a choice—I will enjoy a day filled with "Thanks Living!" Will you join me?

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