Friday, June 3, 2016

Chronological: Questioning Truth—"He Said"

Questioning Truth— “He Said”

Genesis 3-5

What a contrast from Genesis 2 to Genesis 3. 

In Genesis 2 God Almighty is speaking with authority and power. Then in Genesis 3 creation speaks and immediately begins to question God and Truth. 

Genesis 3: 1 “And he said… Has God indeed said?” 
Genesis 3: 4 A blatant lie is stated. “You shall not surely die.” 

When you start to question what God says, don’t try to answer it on your own. Rather, go back to the source! Go back to Scripture. What did God REALLY say? 

We know the consequences of blatantly disregarding Truth and disobeying God’s word. Adam and Eve were ashamed before God, there was separation from God. Their relationship changed. 

Genesis 3:8-9 God still wanted a relationship with mankind, but now sin had to be dealt with—for God is holy. 

Adam and Eve and to live with the consequences of their disobedience to God. For questioning Truth started a pattern—that had deadly consequences. 

Cain the firstborn worked in the fields. Where as, his younger brother Abel was a shepherd. Both knew that they had to give an offering to the Lord, however, one did it truthfully, the other did not. Rather than seeking the truth of why the sacrifice was rejected by God, Cain chose to follow his own voice and killed his brother. 

Once again there are consequences to sin. Abel was dead. Cain was sent to wonder about and his livelihood would no longer support him. Genesis 4:13.

Look at the decedents of Cain. Genesis 4:16-24. The sin of Cain had long-term effects as his great, great, great, great, great grandson was prideful in his murdering and he knew what happened to Cain and it was of no consequence in Lamech mind. He said— Genesis 4:23, 24. 

In contrast, Genesis 4:36—“Then men began to call upon the name of the Lord.”

Genesis 5 is the genealogy of Adam. Several times throughout the Bible, we read genealogies. Why is a list of names important? Because when God says something—it is trustworthy. The genealogies throughout Scripture show us the line in which the Lord Jesus Christ would be born. God in His mercy and grace, was planning a way of redemption. 

Genesis 5 begins with Adam and ends with Noah and his 3 sons. Look in the middle of this genealogy at Genesis 5:24. A testimony to one who listened to “God said” rather than “he said”. “Enoch walked with God” That was the relationship that Adam had in the garden before sin entered the picture. The relationship Enoch had with God was possible, because Enoch believed and listened to the truth of God’s Word. He obeyed God.
Enoch walked with God. What a great testimony in the midst of others who are choosing to follow the ‘he said’ rather than what God said. 

Read Genesis 3-5 and take note of who people were listing to—God or Satan. God said. He said. 

In your life, are you listening to “God said” or “he said”? In our world today, the ‘he said’ is louder as people have ignored God and His truth for generations. However, God’s Word can still be heard—if you choose to hear it and obey it. 

What legacy will you leave—one who listened to the “he said” like Cain and Lamech? Or a legacy of one who listened to “God said” like Enoch? 

God said. He said. You have a choice to make. 

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