Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thanks Living: Your Purposes

Psalm 5
Can you hear, O God, what I have to say? Do You feel something of what I feel this morning? 
I know, O God, that You are grieved by the selfishness of Your children.The world You created seems to be falling apart. Your creatures are living for themselves alone, proud and self-suffieient. They thing they don't need You any longer.I also know, O Lord, that I cannot exist without the assurance of Your eternal love. Thus I commit myself once more to You and Your purposes. Help me walk in Your path for this life.Give me grace to overcome the many obstacles. 
The philosophies that come out of our world bear little resemblance to the truth You revealed to us. These subtle, seductive world views lead people astray through forked tongues and suave soft-sell.  Enable us to recognize them for what they are: shallow, superficial, ultimately destructive. 
Those who follow You need not be dismayed.They can sing and dance in the joy of the Lord.You will continue to reveal Yourself to them and care for them and work out Your purposes in and through them. 
Psalms Now by Leslie Brandt 

Thanks Living remembering that God cares for me and is working out His purposes in and through me.

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