Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Very Heart

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This post is the continuation of my study of Philemon.   
I am sending him back to you in his own person, [and it is like sending] my very heart. Philemon 1:12 (AMP)
"My very heart"
As I read this verse, I took a moment to think about what would make Onesimus, a servant who was unprofitable to one, become so dear to Paul. 

First and foremost, Onesimus trusted in Christ after he left Philemon. So now Onesimus was a changed man. As a believer in Christ, Onesimus' actions reflected his new relationship with Christ. 

Secondly, I think that Onesimus was learning and growing under Paul's teaching. For learning how to "put on" the godly characteristics from Colossians 3, Onesimus then was reflecting Christ in his actions and attitude. 

And lastly, Onesimus had become and encourager and blessing to Paul. 

"My very heart"
A relationship based on the bond of Jesus Christ between two Christians. That is second only to a personal relationship to Christ. 

First and foremost, my heart must be permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31 MSG), so that my relationship with Christ can have an impact in my relationship with others—so that the bond is deep—"my very heart". 

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