Monday, April 28, 2014

Taking care of details!

I LOVE God's attention to details!

In Sept 2009, I got my internet connection. They had a lot of trouble when they first connected it, since our door buzzers use the phone lines. But after several tries and visits, they got it all working. 
Yesterday, my internet went out. I rebooted everything, but still no connection. I called the company and they said, "Looks like a problem on the line. We'll send a tech out ASAP." 

The Tech came today. He tested everything and asked me a few questions. He then said, "They did tell you that this visit may cost you, right?" I said, "yes, depending on what's wrong..... so, how much will it cost me?" 

"It would be $100.00, but since they gave you the WRONG equipment in 2009, I'm going to give you the correct equipment at NO charge! Come to find out the equipment they gave me is only if you have internet, TV, and phone. I only have internet and phone. 

So, thankful that God knew in 2009..... that when the equipment needed to be replaced in 2014... I wouldn't have an extra $100.00.... so God made sure that He arranged it so I wouldn't be charged.

Talk about taking care of details!
He's so awesome!!

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