Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Wow, what an Exciting Monday Night! 

Let's see… on Monday, Nov 4th, I had a chiropractic appointment, then stopped at Anyway's American Grill & Pub to enjoy dinner and watch the Chicago Bears  football game. 

Just before half time… I fainted. Never had that happen before! The EMTs arrived and my blood pressure was way too low so off to the hospital I went. They ran LOTS of tests. I got to watch my heart beat as they did an echocardiogram. They even added bubbles.. that was 'way cool' to watch! All the results were normal. They attribute the passing out to a combination of pain medication, pain itself, and being a little dehydrated…….maybe the excitement that the Bears were actually BEATING the Packers was just too much… lol 

I was able to meet some amazing people, starting at Anyways, the EMTs, the hospital Emergency Dr and Staff, then the Nurses and Doctors on the cardiology floor, the Techs at all the various testing rooms. I was able to share that God is good! and give some "Create A Positive Day!" cards out. 

I have NO idea why I passed out, but I do know that God PUT me exactly where He wanted me to share how awesome my God is. 

I continue to learn that sometimes when things happen, it's not about me. That God wants to introduce me to people so that I can share how God is working in my life. 

Creating a positive day, is not about me feeling good or just having fun, rather it's about knowing that God is in control and that He is working in and through me for His glory and honor. 

PS. The Bears did win the game 27 to 20! I was able to watch the game in the ER, so that was good. Wasn't sure if the attention I received from the ER Dr and Staff was because they were concerned about me…. or just wanted to see the Bears Game. lol (Seriously, though, they took great care of me!)

Update Wed, Nov 6th: Was talking with God this morning about my "exciting Monday night/Tuesday". I have to say that as I look at the details… wow. First off, I was standing near a table as I started to pass out, and the people nearby caught me, so that I did not fall. There was a Pediatric Nurse there, who stepped in and helped me until the EMTs arrived. The EMTs were great. The Hospital was able to begin treating me as soon as I arrived (due to the fact the EMTs knew which hospitals were busy and which one was not). Even though I was weak, I was coherent and able to tell the Nurses and Dr the vital information. 
The Nurses I had …. were all former HEROES! One served as a firefighter the other an EMT before becoming Nurses. Then one of the Techs I had was a Military Navy Veteran from Florida! His family lives in the city where I was born. As always I was on the "look out" for ways to share my "Create a Positive Day!' cards. And God presented several opportunities. 
Then when I was transferred to a room about 3 am…. my Nurse was so helpful and kind. She asked if I was afraid to go home (a question they ask to learn if there is any abuse in families or home situations). I replied with "No, I'm actually wondering what my parakeet is doing." lol She then asked lots of questions about Max… and of course that opened the door for me to give her one of my "Create a Positive Day!" cards with Max's pictures on it. 
The Drs ordered various tests which included drawing blood and IVs. Each time they needed to "stick me" my veins cooperated. So I'm only bruised a little. So thankful for Nurses who listen to patients who tell them, "use this vein and a double tourniquet". They each listened, and there were no problems. 
Even when there were delays in transporting me from tests, they were "God-designed" as it gave me even more opportunities to share how good my God is. God provided several one-on-one opportunities that would not normally happen in a busy hospital. 
God continues to teach me that it is not about "me". Rather, God creates situations and opportunities to introduce me to people to share about God and His love. 
Although, I'd rather not go through all this again… I do know that if I do, God has a purpose and plan that only He can design. I continue to ask God to make me aware of and attentive to His God-designed plans to give Him the glory and honor. 
Thank you for all your prayers….God is answering them in the most amazing ways!

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