Monday, June 4, 2012

Cares right down to the last detail!

Won another contest this morning! (No, not the *elliptical contest—still waiting to hear on that.) I won an gift card! Combining that to a gift card I got for my birthday from some VERY DEAR friends I'll be able to get a Dehydrator! When I reach Phase 4 on the Moore Health Idea Weight Loss program, I'll be able to enjoy homemade jerky, veggies chips, etc!
"God cares, cares right down to the last detail."
James 5:11 (The Message)"

When I received the gift card for my birthday, I picked out a dehydrator. I was going to buy it, but it was a bit more than the gift card. As I thought about the purchase, I knew I would not be a good steward if I spent additional money right now on the dehydrator. Especially, since I wouldn't be able to use it for several more months (when I reach Phase 4 of the diet program)
I knew that when I was to buy the Dehydrator, God would supply the rest of the money needed. This morning, I won an gift card, so now I have enough to buy the dehydrator. I just love God's attention to details!

Once again God used a contest to provide for me. It's so cool how God continues to SHOWER me with gifts. 

*In my last few posts I spoke of trying to get an Elliptical. I found a contest for one, and am waiting to hear if I won. If I don't win the Elliptical, then I know that is not the machine God wants me to have, and I'll wait on His timing and provision to get a different Elliptical. God cares...cares right down to the last detail! That means, He'll supply the perfect machine for me at the perfect time. 

The fact that God cares—
cares right down to the last detail—
makes for creating a positive day!

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