Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There were some tweets going around on Twitter the other morning, about giving and receiving hugs from friends. The tweets were encouraging people to go hug someone. I thought, well, "I'm single, who am I to hug and who will hug me?"

It didn't take me long to begin receiving HUGS—from God! First, God shared a hug through Max, my parakeet. Max was extra loving and silly throughout the morning. Max's antics made me laugh. 

But God wasn't done yet.

Then the mail arrived. I received an encouraging and kind note from some friends. That was a warm hug from God. 
But God still wasn't done! God had prompted those friends to send some money toward the new MacBook! Now that was a "BEAR HUG" from God! God continues to supply the money for the new computer....and He is supplying in creative and encouraging ways!

But God still wasn't done!

A friend called, she was in the area and wanted to drop off some groceries! And you know what? When she brought the groceries by... she gave me a hug! That was a double hug!

God loves me, and that includes sending hugs!
Receiving hugs from God creates a very positive day!

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