Monday, August 22, 2011


Details. I tend to like details—when I can be in control of them. However, when it's a "hands off" situation, I have a tough time sitting back and letting go. God is using my newer car search to teach me that I have to relinquish all the details to Him. He after all, is the Creator and He is the Master of details. 

As I work on the details for buying a newer car—just when I think a detail is taken care of and I can cross it off my list—I learn that it is NOT done. Most often when I think a detail is done, it is me getting ahead of God and thinking I know with how the details should be dealt.

One aspect of getting a newer car is selling my old car. I thought I had a buyer. However, it doesn't look like that will happen. Just as I was getting frustrated, God led me to another place that may buy my car. Will check with them this week.
Since I may not get the amount for my old car as I had planned, I was beginning to fret on how I'd meet the necessary down payment.  
But God had something waiting for me! 
I went to get the car title out of the safe, and came across some coins. One very special coin, I knew was there—at this point, I plan to keep that one. 
But the other coins, I had forgotten about them. I've had them for over 7 years. Does God want me to sell the coins at this point? I have no idea. However, I will take them to a dealer and see what I can get. The coins won't provide the total amount I need, but God knows that too. Perhaps this is how God wants to help meet my need this time. As I've said before, God is VERY creative!

Throughout the Bible God tells us that He will take care of things. We are not to worry. As I said, I like details. However, my attention is NOT to be on the details—rather, my attention is to be on what God is doing! My job is to be a good steward of His provisions, follow His leading, and let Him take care of all the details.

"Give your entire attention
to what God is doing right now,
and don't get worked up
about what may or may not happen tomorrow.
God will help you deal with
whatever hard things come up
when the time comes."
Matthew 6:34 The Message

The day is much more positive when I give my entire attention to God and what He is doing.

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