Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sharing some meals!

I'm learning so much about nutrition as I work on my new lifestyle. The food tastes so good and I'm enjoying fixing a variety of dishes. Thought I'd share a few of my latest meals with you... via pictures.

All organic: Mixed greens w/ olive oil/vinegar dressing (homemade); Portabella, melted Rice Cheese & Brown rice bun & salsa. And yes it was YUMMY!

All organic: Summer squash, Grilled red pepper, Mixed greens w/EVO/vinegar dressing; w/ Nicole's Divine Organic Gluten free crackers (Tomato-Tomahto!) and Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds (for Omegas and Protein). And yes it's yummy too.

I'm reading several books to help me learn how to balance foods and get the correct nutrition. One is "Back to Eden", by Jethro Kloss. The other two books are by Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks on PBS.

The pain level is still high, but God is providing distractions just at the right moments.  I'm taking it hour by hour; day by day. As I go through this phase of my journey, creating a positive day is even more vital. Keeping a positive attitude and keeping my focus on the positive will give me the strength to continue on this journey. And God is also sending some wonderful blessings to encourage me.... and His blessings make any day a positive one!

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