Monday, July 5, 2010

Joy Pills

When I was in High School, I lived next door to the M&M plant in Hacketstown, NJ. Loving M&M's it was a great place to live. When I went off to college, I took a jar of M&Ms with me. And the jar soon was full of "JOY PILLS"— green and yellow M&Ms.
Why were they called "joy pills"?
 Because whenever you eat M&Ms you smile! 
My dormmates would drop by and take a few "joy pills" when they needed some encouragement. Since college, I've kept up the tradition of having the same jar filled with M&Ms (either green and/or yellow).

Today, I knocked over the jar and green M&Ms went everywhere. As I tried to sweep up the M&Ms they just rolled away. They rolled under the heat vent, the shelving...everywhere. Just when I thought I had gotten them all... I'd see another one. As I stood there looking at the M&Ms all over the floor, I smiled.
 I had spilled my 'Joy'—
but God got my attention!

God's joy is not based on circumstances. It's not based on what we have, or don't have. Joy is not based on how we feel, or what is happening in our lives. Joy is not about US—rather....
Pure Joy
is based on an
who loves with an

I'm going through medication withdraw, as I prepare for a new treatment to lower my pain. There is NO reason I should be experiencing joy right now. The pain is unbearable. I'm dizzy and have a terrible headache. My body is wanting medication, but the medication I can give it...has it's own side effects. Yet in the midst of my circumstances, I have joy!
Since the joy God provides, is not based on our emotions (which change on a whim), we can enjoy JOY 24/7 no matter our circumstances. We can celebrate joy in the midst of any circumstance knowing that God is in control and He is at work in our lives. 
 Joy—mine 24/7!

Will I fill my M&M jar? Probably. It will take a while to fill it up with just green and or green/yellow M&Ms. But the "JOY PILLS" remind me of my great God and His love for me. 

Today was an especially rough day, and I was struggling to focus on anything. God knew He had to get my attention and remind me of His love for me. When I spilled the M&Ms I smiled—God got through to me.  Today was positive, all because I spilled some M&Ms on the floor and remembered the true source of joy—God.

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