Monday, June 7, 2010

"New Place"

Here are some pictures of my "new" apartment. The remodel make the place look GREAT. I'm still unpacking boxes, but making great progress. 

On Friday, God led me to an Estate Sale and I was able to get two almost new tan swivel rockers. They look so much better with my decor than the rose colored ones I had. God also provided the "man-power" to load them into my car, and carry then up to my apartment. Love it when God takes care of those details! 

Since I'm unpacking slowly, I've been able to take time to reflect on how God provided various items. From craft supplies to a stereo, God has given me wonderful gifts. It's been fun to reflect on God's creative provisions. 

Unpacking would be a dreaded chore, except by reflecting on how God provided the items, it has become a very positive experience. Throughout Scripture people built memorials to remember what great things God did. I think we miss out on opportunities to remember God's greatness because we don't take time to reflect on all He's done for us. While unpacking, I've been reminded over and over of the creative ways God cares for me. And when I remember that God loves me... that makes the day positive!

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