Sunday, February 7, 2010

Step back or a step forward?

When something 'bad' happens
to us, why do we usually consider it
a step backward?
Why don't we see it as a step forward?
 Usually if something 'bad' happens to us, we see it as a hindrance, rather than moving forward to our goals. Everything happens in our lives for reasons and each happening is a teaching moment. Therefore, we shouldn't look as going backward, rather we are continuing moving forward and growing.
For example: On Friday, Feb. 5, I fell while getting out of my car. The fall wasn't hard, or far. But, I did twist my back and shoulder. Immediately, I thought of all the things I wouldn't be able to do this weekend. All my plans had to be put on hold.... or did they?
I was looking at the fall as a "step backward". My shoulder had been bothering me for sometime and it was just starting to feel better... now it's hurting again. If I look at it as a step backward, then I'm not looking at the positive aspect and I'm questioning God's will in my life. Instead, I need to see this as a step forward!

The fall has allowed me to move one step closer
in my relationship with God.
1. I say that God leads me and cares for me. This is just one more opportunity for me to relax and allow God to work.
2. I need to re-evaluate my plans. One of my posts, talked about plans being etched in stone. I need to remain flexible and allow God to change my plans for His glory.
3. I continue to talk about creating a positive day. This fall has given me another opportunity to see the positive in what I could easily see in a negative situation.

I hope the next time something happens to me, that instead of seeing it has a hindrance or a step backward, I'll see it as another step forward to reaching my goals.

Creating a positive day is not just a Pollyanna belief. Rather it is looking at each situation as an opportunity to grow.

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