Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 Days of Thanks!

Yesterday, I started my 365 Days of Thanks. I'm looking forward to thanking God for one thing each day.
On January 1st, I was (am) very thankful for Max. Max woke me up with soft chirps; it was so sweet. Throughout the day, Max was very chatty and enjoyed being near me. He made me laugh when we were watching the football games. Each time the Refs blew their whistles, Max would "yell" at the TV. Not sure if he was disagreeing with the Refs or yelling at the players who made the mistakes, or a combination of the two. It was funny.
The Florida Gator game was on late, and since the Gators were so far ahead, I figured I didn't need to watch the end of the game. Max, however, didn't want to go to bed... he wanted to see how the game ended! When I tried to take him back to his night cage, he flew back to the living room and made it very clear, he wasn't ready for bed.... so we watched the end of the game. After the game was over, Max very easily went to bed...we were both very happy with the 51 to 24 Gator Victory.

Jan 2nd isn't over yet, but I think my "thank" today is the location of my apartment. Being on the 2nd floor gives me a balcony which the birds can enjoy, but the Canadian Geese, cannot. Today, due to the cold, I changed the birds water, 5 times! Between the water freezing and the birds taking baths in the warm water, it needed changing. Max also enjoys "talking" with the birds as they come to eat and sun themselves on the balcony.
I also enjoy the view from my windows. I can see the tops of trees and see the birds as they fly around. The sun also fills my apartment. On these cold winter days having the apartment warmed by the well just wonderful! Yes, I'm very thankful for the location of the apartment.

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