Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 minute Investment

This week, it was confirmed that I'll have surgery number 8 on my back. As far as surgeries go, this should be a "minor" one. I sent an email to some people who have been praying for me with the date and time.
It was amazing how encouraging several of the responding emails have been. None have been very long, or profound...just simple statements of support and more prayers. Or even people saying how I've encouraged them with my attitude through all this.
I'm amazed how a note or email can lift one's spirit. Yet, I put off sending a note, because I think I'm too busy, or I don't know what to say. Personally, it's not how long the message is or what is actually said....but rather the person thought enough and took the time to send me a note.
Today I timed how long it took to write an address on an envelope and sign a card...the entire action...including the stamp and sealing the envelope....took less than 3 minutes! Yes. LESS than 3 minutes. Do I know someone who is worth just 3 minutes of my time? I know many who I'm sure would enjoy receiving a card from me. So, I think after I post this blog, I'm going to spend 15 minutes and send out some cards. Maybe, I'll start spending 10 or 15 every day to send a card to write an email to someone.
I'd say that 3 minutes of my time to encourage someone is a wise investment with a return even Wall Street can't beat!

Creating a positive day for yourself, is so easy if you create a positive day for someone else!

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